What is a startup?

Startup (Startup) (eng. launch) — a newly formed company which builds its business on the basis of innovative technologies not released on the market or just beginning to come out and having a limited amount of resources.

What is a startup incubator?

A startup incubator – is a starting (seed-stage) investment program, where the businessman come with their ideas and instead of a share in the project, they get the money, office, mentors, support and assistance in creating and launching new companies.

Can a buy an idea?

Themselves the ideas – we do not care about them. Under the program of Simpals Garage, we are looking for teams of talented people with ideas that they want to make like a successful startup.

But wouldn’t you steal it?

The idea itself is worthless. The idea is transformed into the project only if the author and inspirer of the idea ​​personally participate in the process. Moreover, the idea needs to be turned into a working product, but this requires a team that will give to the project all the time.

How to apply?

On the page «Application» complete the form. Our mentors review submitted applications once a week.

How much time does it takes?

Up to 10 days.

What happens if my project has passed the preliminary selection?

When your project has passed the preliminary selection, you will be invited on one of the nearest Crash Test to make a presentation and to submit your project to our experts and mentors. In the case of a positive result, your project will be revised by mentors, who will decide on the allocation of finance.

What is Crash Test?

For you it’s a day, when you present your project for the judgment of our mentors. A small test before the big job.

What are the advantages’ of working with you, may be better along?

We are giving not simply money we are giving “smart money”. It means that besides financing assistance you get the best experts in the industry, office and help in promoting your project.

What about my salary?

We are not paying the salary in a direct sense of this word. Allocated finance will cover part of your expenses on a daily existence, but you must realize that we invest in the development and promotion of projects and not pay the salary. If you are interested in employment in the company «Simpals», apply here.

In what projects have you already invested?

Over the last 10 years, we have invested in more than 20 startups that became successful Internet projects. Among such projects – 999.md, point.md, forum.md, play.md and others. Total attendance of those sites is over one million unique visitors per month.

Our business is already working, why do we need you?

It is possible you already understand that your project does not have enough expertise, promotion or money to move to the more serious and high level. In this case, you need us.

Does it necessary to have a registered legal entity?

No, our lawyers will draw up for you all the necessary documents and register a legal entity.

Is it necessary to have a business plan?

No, business-plan should not be written, in this you will get the help of our experts. However, in order to react to your project seriously, you need to clearly know what you’re going to do, for whom, how much money you need and how much you plan to earn.

What are the criteria for taking a decision about investing in the project?

Viability the project, its feasibility, availability and quality of the team.

What is you share?

For us is principal, that the founders, that is you, has controlling interest.

What is the sum that you invest in each company?

Up to $ 40 000.

What else do you give other that money?

Equipped office, technologies and software, consulting and expert assistance, the organization of working process, accounting and legal issues, company registration, advertising and promotion. And also the cookies and our smiles.

Can one person apply?

You can apply, but you should find a team which will work on realization of your project in the walls of the garage.

How much time do you lead a project?

From 3 up to 6 months, depending on the project complexity.

What directions are priorities for you?

Mobile applications, social applications, geolocation services, SaaS, games for mobiles, e-Commerce, search technologies and others.

If my application is rejected?

Then you will receive a letter with brief explanation of reasons for rejection.