1 November

«Let your enthusiasm turn into money!» Another crash-test took place recently

Last Saturday, on October 27, it was held the third crash-test organized by Simpals Garage business incubator. One of the capital’s restaurants hosted the informal discussions of several business mentors on the opportunity of carrying out a project submitted by Moldovan startupers.

Now about the project. Yaakov and Sergei presented the project «WeezPay», which is an attractive program for customers loyalty. Of course, we are not able to fully describe you this idea. Yet, there is one “but”: the idea is not a new or unique one, since there are analogies in the world already, which, I must say, are successful.

Therefore the guys assured their mentors of the fact that they had taken into account all the shortcomings of existing global analogies of this idea and adapted it to the Moldovan market. However, business mentors asked questions that the young entrepreneurs haven’t been able to answer yet.

By the way, this time some mentors’ names changed. The already traditional participation of Dmitry Voloshin – founder of Simpals Garage business incubator. Also, some former participants in the crash-test were present: Andrey Shouleansky and Vitali Esanu, one of the first Moldovan startupers. The newcomers among the mentors were Pavel Zingan and Evgeny Boyko. We are sure that this «renewal» will help our young entrepreneurs obtain great results as a new experience always brings along new ideas. ☺

At the end of the third round of negotiations, the project was rated as raw, but fortunately it has not been abandoned. Mentors came up on the spot with several alternative proposals for the improvement of this project. And, as it often occurs during such discussions, right there a completely new idea was born, whose working principle is totally different from the one proposed by the young entrepreneurs.

Thus, we want to convey to all those wishing to test their own ideas Dmitry Voloshin’s words: «What exactly your idea brings to the end users? Your service will not be used just because of being financially advantageous. It should enable end users with a sense of belonging to something extraordinary. Pay attention to their emotions and understand».

Until then, lets us remind you that between 16 and 18 November will take place the next Startup Weekend in Moldova. Stay tuned for the news.

Watch below to find out how was the third crash-test: