29 November

How to protect your idea? The medicine for your „paranoia” – action!

Are you frightened that someone can steal it your startup idea? What can be done to protect your idea and are the awareness justified? Here some of the most common situations of „paranoia”:

• My idea will be stolen by other startuppers
Other startuppers don’t need your idea, they have their own one.

• The idea will stolen by developers
Everybody knows that all the projects and ideas have a source of inspiration – the ideologist, a person that thought out an interesting idea, but also knows how to make something more from it. It is important to understand that idea is not theory or a proposal to do something – it’s a clear understanding of how it works, how it can be implemented and developed.
Working on an idea, the author should be familiar and take into consideration at least 2 aspects: technical and economical. Only he knows what can be „raised” from his idea. Thus, stealing idea without the „main person” is useless.

• Investors will steal my idea
Investing in a project, investors hope to return all the investments and of course earn something. The quality and the speed of implementation of the project raise his chances of win. That is why, stealing an idea and setting up a team that will work on it – don’t get into his sphere of duties and competences.

• What are my rights as an author?
Business in IT sphere usually are called IP Based Business, that means this is a business based on intellectual property. Also, you should know, that according to the legislation, the law regarding author’s rights is not applicable for ideas, methods, processes, systems, concepts, principles or discoveries. In order to protect your invention from stealing you can you the author’s rights or get a patent. Author’s rights mean that the „object” is yours and not anybody’s. To get a patent, your invention should be industrial applicable and new, namely hasn’t been registered yet.
Note: more about your rights you can find in Republic of Moldova Law „Regarding author’s rights and conexed rights”

• The idea will be stolen anyway!
You don’t have to worry and remember that the best way to protect your idea is to put it in practise. Unique ideas are very few. If you thought of an idea, be sure in this moment the same idea come up into minds of hundreds of people. So, the only important that you can do is to begin working on your idea, otherwise you risk to be late and your idea will be implemented by someone else.
However, implementing idea alone you barely can succeed, so you need a team. To develop and promote a project you will need money, that means you’ll have to share not only with you closed group, but also with investors. That is why you should share you idea with people, struggle to develop it and prove your skills and talents. Be sure you will succeed, be sure your the right person to realise it and then, for sure, you won’t be worried that someone can steal your idea. The best way to protect your idea is to realise the idea, if the idea is implemented that no one can steal it from you.

  • Ion Axenti   8 December 2011, 13:10

    So, where I can to know much more of this project. I have some idea but I can’t understand exactly what I must to do.

  • Alexei   8 December 2011, 13:22

    @Ion Axenti, to find out more you have to check the About section and read the FAQ. To send us your idea use the Apply section – fill in the application form and press “send”. In one week you’ll get a reply to you application. good luck!

  • Rosa   23 December 2011, 22:05

    It’s much eseiar to understand when you put it that way!

  • Joyce   26 January 2012, 10:41

    A wnoderufl job. Super helpful information.