To begin a new business in a garage - a common thing for startupers. Bill Gates once said that he is not afraid of competitors, but is afraid of guys with the ideas that are working on them, sitting in the garage. «Simpals Garage» - it is the first in Moldova Venture Incubator, created for investments in the promising startups. Our mission is the elimination of barriers that prevent talented and ambitious teams convert their idea into a valuable business. We can help resolve organizational problems and ensure a quick start of your project. Initial funds, equipped office, expert advice and guidance of mentors, assistance in promotion of the projects on our web sites - that is what «Simpals Garage» can give to your startup.

How does it works?

  • Demand
    You fill out the application, and send it back to us. If your project and your team are interesting for us, we invite you to the Crash Test for the presentation of your project. Approach to the filling of the application and design of the presentation with responsibility.
  • Presentation
    But more accurate - Crash Test. You demonstrate your idea to mentors of «Simpals Garage». If your presentation of the project convinced us about viability and potential of idea we sign the contract and begin to work together.
  • Work
    Command gets the equipped office, finance, technology and software, smart and useful tips from the experts, mentors assistance. Is allocated for the development from 3 to 6 months, after which it must be submitted to mentors and launched.
  • Promotion
    At this stage of the project, when there is a working product, starts the marketing program of promotion - a period of three months, when we actively promote the project on the most visited sites of Moldnet.
  • Investments
    When the team already has a competitive product with a working scheme of profit, begins the process of searching for possible variants of cooperation with interested strategic investors.

It’s important for us:

  • Principles:

    • Project must be online.
    • The project should be guided by leading IT trends.
    • The project earlier did not receive investments.
    • Project must have the opportunity to develop on mobile.
    • Project must be massive and scalable.
  • Directions:

    • Geolocational services
    • Mobile Applications
    • SaaS
    • E-commerce
    • social applications
    • augmented reality
    • search technologies
    • cloud services
  • Team:

    • powerful team of 3-4 people (ideally, the developers)
    • ready to dedicate themselves to the project and work on it in our "garage"
    • The possibility of teams from other cities to move to Chisinau on the specified period

Who we are?

Company «Simpals» started its activity in 2002. At the moment we hold the leading position in Moldnet. Company «Simpals» owns the major portals –,,,, and others. These sites are visited by more than a million users per month, or about two-thirds of all Internet users in Moldova. We are not only pioneers in the online sphere, but also trendsetters of Internet advertising, web design, video production and animation in Moldova. Namely «Simpals» created the first Moldovan 3D cartoon «Tsygan». We collaborate with major brands of Moldova. We have a strong team. We break the stereotypes and achieve set goals.